Shopping Center | Ankara

Shopping Center | Ankara | 2006-7 (completed 2009) | $70.000.000 | 67.600m2 | cast-in-situ concrete

Enveloping the repetitive portions of rentable spaces around a central common-area, could allow for relaxed orientation for the visitor, leaving more space for daylight, air, and visual access, unlike the conventional concept of mall.


Aerial view shows the public deck ‘reaching’ towards the main approach direction.

View of the back gallery in construction.

View of the public-deck and bridge connections in the central courtyard.

(designed and modelled in SketchUp, rendered by kardanadammedya)

Food-court terrace facing the nearby forest.

Cafeteria-bar terrace facing the nearby forest.


The composition of this shopping centre aims for plainness in its organization of the retail facilities on the periphery, enveloping spacious courtyards and naturally-lightened galleries in the centre. This would remind one the traditional Turkish bazaar and the caravanserai, as well as the European arcade. The particular building codes on this location asked for two separate buildings which were proposed to be connected with a public-deck on the ground-level and with bridges on the upper level. These connections helped creating a significant experience not only in the relaxed common-areas but also during a rapid ‘shopping walk’, as they provided viusal access to the nearby young forest.


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